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Iron and copper chemistry

Iron and copper were first encountered during AS Chemistry’s ‘Extraction of Metals‘ topic. The link between both metals being exemplified by the use of scrap iron to extract copper from copper (II) ions: Fe(s) + Cu2+(aq) → Cu(s) + Fe2+(aq) (blue)                        (green) This method of copper extraction, usually from low-grade

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Chromium, cobalt, vanadium and manganese chemistry

At lower oxidation states, transition metals form ionic bonds e.g. Mn2+ and Cr3+  At higher oxidation states, transition metals cannot form monatomic ions. Instead they bond covalently with electronegative elements (like oxygen) to form compounds or molecular ions e.g. oxoanions such as MnO4−and Cr2O72-. In general,  Reduction, from high to low metal oxidation state, is more feasible in acidic transition

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