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Fractional distillation of crude oil (AS)

Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. Petroleum is a mixture consisting mainly of alkane hydrocarbons that can be separated by fractional distillation. Different components (fractions) of this mixture can be drawn off at different levels in a fractionating column because of the temperature gradient Assessment and practical opportunities Fractional distillation of a crude oil substitute.

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Fractional distillation of crude oil (GCSE)

Crude oil contains a mixture of different hydrocarbon compounds that boil at different temperatures. The larger the hydrocarbon molecule (the longer its carbon-chain length), the higher its boiling point. Liquids boil (liquid→gas) at their boiling point and start to condense (gas→liquid) back to liquid just below this temperature. Cooling encourages condensation. What is the difference between distillation and fractional distillation? For

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