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Structure Like alkenes and alkanes, ethanol is another type of organic (carbon-based) compound. Ethanol is a two-carbon length alcohol. All alcohol molecules possess at least one C-OH group, which is known as the functional group (gives the compound its properties). Ethanol has the structural molecular formula, CH3CH2OH However, this often abbreviated to C2H5OH Combustion of ethanol Ethanol combustion (burning) produces carbon

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Ethanol production

Hydration of ethene Alcohols are produced industrially by hydration of alkenes in the presence of an acid catalyst. Ethanol is produced by the reaction of ethene and steam using a phosphoric acid catalyst. Fermentation Ethanol is also produced industrially by fermentation of glucose. The conditions for this process. Ethanol produced industrially by fermentation is separated by fractional distillation and can then be used as a

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