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Equilibria videos, example practicals and simulations

GCSE level GCSE level A level Dynamic Equilibrium (Univ. of Surrey) A level Le Chatelier’s principle (Univ. of Surrey) A level (Univ. of Surrey) SN2 nucleophilic substitution primary haloalkanes A level (Univ. of Surrey) SN1 nucleophilic substitution tertiary haloalkanes A level Challenging the chromate(VI)/dichromate (VI) equilibrium with acid and alkali 2CrO42− + 2H+        ⇌ Cr2O72− + H2O

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Industrial examples of equilibria (Contact and Haber)

Le Chatelier’s Principle This was stated in AS and A2 Chemical Equilibria topics. In 1888, Henri Le Chatelier put forward his principle which dealt with the effects of constraints upon a system in equilibrium. If the conditions of a reversible reaction are changed and disturb the equilibrium, the composition of the mixture will tend to change to restore the equilibrium and to

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