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5. Distillation of a product from a reaction

To prepare cyclohexene by the dehydration of cyclohexanol and to distil the cyclohexene from the reaction mixture. Requirements semi-micro distillation apparatus OR Quickfit apparatus fitted with a thermometer (-10 °C to 110 °C) and collection vessel concentrated phosphoric acid cyclohexanol protective gloves stand and clamp micro-burner 10 cm3 measuring cylinder 25 cm3 measuring cylinder anti-bumping granules separating funnel 250 cm3

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Greetings and Welcome Understanding science is an essential life skill. However, I do realise that science can sometimes be tedious, boring and frankly difficult. I have set up this website to present an alternative viewpoint of secondary school science and challenge you to learn science by focusing more on the key facts, exam-style questions and self-assessment. I am also keen to add

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