Student revision tips

Students who know HOW to study and revise always perform better in exams than students you have not mastered this important skill.    It is not just simply making notes !!!

Whilst teachers can give you some advice, it is crucial you develop a technique that WORKS FOR YOU. As well as the posts below, why not check out  Letts revision and Palgarve  as they have some really useful advice, including videos, to help you get started.  Good Luck.

Best Practice goal setting - Advice on how to set goals using the SMART technique-will help you throughout your school, university and life-long career.
Habits of Mind of Successful Learners - According to experts, there are 16 qualities that highly successful and creative learners possess. Scientifically proven
5 essential tips for exam revision success - Completely revolutionise your learning by following 5 simple rules that are scientifically proven.
Visualising your Goals - By visualising your goals, you can make them happen. Do practise this technique.