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An emulsion is a mixture of two (or more) liquids that are normally immiscible (do not mix together) such that one liquid is dispersed in another  Immiscible liquids Vegetable oils do not dissolve in water. If a mixture of oil and water is shaken, then left to stand, tiny droplets of oil will be seen to float upwards, and eventually

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Vegetable oils: saturated and unsaturated oils (GCSE)

Structure A vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant. A fatty acid is a long-chain carboxylic acid that may be saturated (only contains C-C single bonds) or unsaturated (contains C-C single and C=C double bonds). A fatty acid has the general formula of RCOOH, where R is s hydrocarbon that has a length of 16-20 carbon atoms. Three

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