GCSE Practical ISA

AQA has provided a comprehensive guide to ISAs in Science, including the mark scheme for the commonly asked questions, such as:

Section 1
1. Name the two most useful sources that you used for your research. Compare the usefulness of the two sources used.[3 marks]

2. From the research that you have done, describe in detail how you are going to do your investigation. You should include: a list of the equipment that you are going to use; how you will use the equipment; the measurements that you are going to make; how you will make it a fair test, and a risk assessment. [9 marks]




3. In your research you will have found other methods you could have used. Outline one other method you could have used. Explain why you decided not to use this method. [3 marks]


Section 2
1. Do the candidate’s results support the hypothesis? You should use any pattern that you can see in your results to support your answer. You should include examples from your results. [3 marks]


2.You have been given a set of results obtained by other people. Do these other results show that this investigation is reproducible? Explain your answer using examples from your results and the results of other people. [3 marks]


All this information is sourced directly form the AQA Guide to ISAs (click here)

Exemplar Science ISAs, as provided by AQA

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